I have had a lot of people contact me for help with camera usage, business advice, editing assistance, how to get started, and lots more.  I have decided to offer specific mentoring programs to help you get where you want to be.  I have several options available - browse the correct program for you and contact me to set up your session. 



This is a 2 hour one-on-one session that will help you learn your camera and basic composition techniques.  (Canon users only, sorry I don't know how to use a Nikon well enough to assist)  Well will go over (1) how to get "blur", (2) how to get tack sharp photos, (3) how to set white balance, (4) how to select proper exposure, (5) composition, (6) what mode to shoot in and we will have real live shooting practice.  This course is designed for the average person -- not professionals -- just to help you take better photos on a day to day basis.  Bring up to three friends for just $30 each!

One person -- $65  //  Two people -- $95  //  Three people -- $125  //  Four people -- $155


This is a 2 hour one-on-one session that I give you all the information that it took me years to learn:  branding, outdoor shooting, natural light techniques, marketing, client relations, portfolio building, what lab to use, what programs to use, my workflow process, how to price, in person sales, website basics, what you must do, and what you must stay away from.  This course is restricted and only available to photographers at least 65 miles* from my area of business.  Please understand that I can not share my business strategy with people who will be direct competitors.

Add on additional hours for only $80 each.

*ineligible areas include:  Morehead, Mount Sterling, Lexington, Versailles, Frankfort, Georgetown, Paris, Flemingsburg, Maysville, West Liberty, Jackson, Irvine, Richmond, Lancaster, Danville, Berea, London, Harrodsburg, Nicholasville, Willisamstown, Grayson, Salt Lick, Owingsville

**I have worked very hard and spent many hours learning my business and I simply cannot give out information to competitors that will be doing business in my area.  I wish I could help everyone, but I just cannot help someone to compete directly with me.  This includes sharing what labs I use (then my cost of sales is disclosed), how I edit (my editing is the trademark of my brand), or what equipment I use.  It is important to me that I create something unique in my area - and sharing what I do with someone in my area will take my uniqueness away.  Thank you for understanding.


This is a 2 hour one-on-one session where we go over some of the basic knowledge to help you in your workflow.  Learn to crop, correct exposure, get beautiful eyes and skin, and creative effects.  You will learn my technique for creating wonderful sports products as well. 


This is a 2 hour one-on-one session where we go over exactly how I edit my photos for sharpness, blur, color, skin tone, etc.  We will edit one image fully and then we will edit YOUR images.  We will go through as many as we can during the time period and I recommend having a wide range of different images to edit (a bright photo, a darker photo, different issues).