Birthing photography

Birthing Photography is something I have been trying to get started for 2 years, but every time I explained it to someone I got the same response - "EWWWWW".  Well, sometimes as a photographer it is difficult to get others to see your vision, so I kept asking around - and finally I had a willing participant!  I can never thank Whitney enough for giving me the opportunity to share the birth of her beautiful baby girl.  After I posted the video online - I got a mass of responses on how beautiful and special this type of photography is.  It will never cease to amaze me the complete different responses I got from this when I explained it as to when I showed it.  Instead of me trying to explain it - watch the video and learn what birthing photography is all about.  By the way, the video is safe for young viewers.

What is Birth Photography?
Birth photography captures the closeness, joy, and excitement of a husband and wife as they become parents. Having a photographer in your delivery room frees up dad to be included in the pictures. This allows you to see and remember the day you meet your little one.

Birth photography offers you treasured memories of:

-The special interaction between husband and wife during labor
-The priceless look on dads face when he sees his child for the first time
-The first pictures of a child, your child, as they meet the world
-The unforgettable moment when a mother holds her baby for the first time
-The special way a husband sees his wife as the mother of his child
-Parents joy of becoming grandparents and seeing their children become parents
-A man becoming a father, a woman becoming a mother

Having a baby and becoming a parent is one of Gods greatest blessings. Birth photography is capturing the day you first meet your blessing. A day you will treasure forever.

What can you expect?

-Tasteful, respectful, thoughtful photography
-My presence- Off to the side, out of the way, silently attentive
-Black and white images to decrease the graphic nature of the hospital  main focus on your memorable moments
-The photography will in no way interfere with care given mother or child
-Photojournalistic style can include shots around the hospital, maternity, and newborn sessions
-Will step out of room upon request. I will respect your intimate, private moments.


Birthing photography starts at a base rate of $200 and includes the photographer coming to the hospital once the mother is in active labor.  We will assign a person to keep in constant contact with me once you are admitted to the hospital, and when it looks like we have about 1-2 hours before birth is when I like to show up.

Births don't always go as planned, and there is always a risk that I won't make it to the hospital in time to photograph the event.  I will take every precaution to ensure this does not happen.  Birthing sessions require a deposit of $20 - which is non-refundable in the event the baby is born without me there.  The fee covers the preperation and effort of the photographer to be with you during your special time.  

Base delivery package up to 4 hours.................$200
if my time at hospital exceeds 6 hours...............$250
if my time at hospital exceeds 8 hours...............$300

The base delivery package will cover the majority of births.  You can choose to have me stay longer after the baby is born to capture more moments with the family.  I will take every effort to keep all birthing sessions within the base 4 hours, unless you are specifically adding extra time after birth to capture more photos.  

What you will get:
--A disc with one black and white folder of all images and one color folder of all images, also web quality images
--a Slideshow story of how the events unfolded on DVD